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Intensive outpatient at Choices Recovery Centers focuses on transitioning individuals in new sobriety back into a happy, productive, and peaceful life.  As the individual progresses he or she will have less accountability from outside sources and more self reliance.  3 days a week of recovery work with the Choices Recovery Center staff aids that transition.

Unlike many addiction treatment centers, Choices Recovery Centers do not use a predetermined timely to move people from Day Treatment to Intensive Outpatient and from Intensive Outpatient to ending treatment.  Instead, each person is handled individually, where he or she currently is.  Levels of care change as the individual is ready, not on a set timeline. 

Intensive Outpatient focuses on developing an outside life and living in a happy, peaceful, and sober manner.  The individual chooses which healing modalities work best for him or her and direct their path to recovery with guidance from trained professionals. 

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