Hypnotherapy in Addiction Treatment


Hypnotherapy used to treat drug and alcohol addiction involves influencing the subconscious mind to produce changes in our thoughts and behaviors.  Studies show hypnotherapy is more effective than simple therapy or a placebo in treating drug and alcohol addiction.  Hypnotherapy is not scary, risky, or voodoo.  The first significant evidence of the positive results from it date back to the 1700s and it is now recognized by the American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, and British Medical Association.

Several methods are used to bring those afflicted with drug and alcohol addictions into a state of hypnosis.  What many people don't understand is that you are awake and relaxed in this state.  Brain wave activity slows and heart rate and blood pressure go down as the conscious mind steps out of the way and the subconscious mind becomes available.  So much of the issues related to substance abuse become subconscious that it's imperative to retrain that portion of the brain.  The results are increased recovery rates, lower relapse odds, and healing of trauma from the past.

Alcoholics and addicts often have unresolved issues from the past and hypnotherapy makes it easier for blocked memories to be recalled.  The healing process from addiction opens as personal awareness is reframed. Interestingly, similar effects have been shown with meditation and hallucinogens.  

Hypnotherapy for using in drug and alcohol rehab is not for everyone.  Information from Psychology Today shows about 15% of the population is highly hypnotizable, while about 25% of people cannot be hypnotized at all.  But for those it works on, it's an indispensable tool in retraining our brain during the early periods of sobriety when meditation and accessing the subconscious alone is not a great idea.   

Our addiction treatment center incorporates hypnotherapy to increase recovery by dealing with repressed issues and programming our subconscious into a healthier, happier lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol.