Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a healing environment to facilitate and empower individual transformation in recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Choices For Recovery offers programs that nurture the healing of the mind, body, and spirit, which guides them to recovery and a healthy way of living.  By address all areas of addiction treatment people suffering from the disease of addiction are able to lower relapse rates, increase the odds of long-term sobriety, and find the peace and happiness in life that has been missing for so long.  

We believe in creating a collaborative partnership with the individual to support and empower their choices in the process of addiction recovery.  Choices For Recovery is named for the idea that each person cannot and should not be put into a neat little box from the traditional addiction treatment center framework.  Instead, addiction recovery begins where each individual is and we carry the message and methods to help individuals break out of the seemingly hopeless cycle of drugs and alcohol.   

The choice to change always belongs to the individual. Through knowledge, guidance, and support we are able to facilitate healing. A strong emphasis on underlying conditions allows insight into the process of unwanted behaviors. Information and guidance is provided in a positive manner to allow each individual the ability to interact and thrive in everyday life.