Choices for Recovery is sensitive to your health and safety needs. We want to be a resource and support for your well-being and recovery. To ensure an effective and satisfactory approach, Choices for Recovery is implementing numerous precautions to maintain a clean and safe environment. For more information visit our blog.

Choices for Recovery is gathering input and beginning telehealth services. The intention is to enhance safety while maintaining access to quality intensive and routine outpatient care.

Please visit our Facebook page or visit our contact us page. Send us a message for additional information on how Choices for Recovery is responding to the COVID-19 virus. Do not hesitate to ask for any help and guidance during this time.

Choices for Recovery is the preferred treatment provider offering an integrated and individualized approach to substance use and mental health disorders. Our program uses evidence-based approaches providing treatment, education and community resources to individuals and families looking for a new way of living. Our mission is to meet you exactly where you are, providing you with a place of understanding, healing and hope.

Intensive Outpatient

Program uses evidence-based approaches providing treatment, education, & community resources. These approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy & motivation enhancement in conjunction with 12 step facilitation.

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Outpatient Services

The Outpatient program is a step down from IOP.  Here, individuals continue to grow and learn how to become accountable while transitioning back into their daily lives.

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Family Program

Family Group allows an open and safe space for loved ones to share about their feelings, thoughts, circumstances, etc. to a room full of other individuals who understands the pain.

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy for our recovery process comes from a holistic background, treating a whole person - body, mind, emotions and spirit. Mindfulness is key to helping our patients in establishing renewed health, a greater sense of wellness, and a spiritually directed life.

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