Our Outpatient Program (OP) typically follows the Intensive Outpatient Program, (IOP). OP consist of individual and/or group sessions. The program utilizes effective interventions and strategies to help an individual in their recovery process. In this phase, an individual can continue to learn how to effectively cope with life.

The first couple months of sobriety can be difficult. The 'shine' of new sobriety wears off and we begin to face life on life’s terms without the use of drugs. The Outpatient program keeps people continually accountable and provides an opportunity to learn and grow with others who are dealing with the same circumstances. Our mission is to help you build and maintain a recovery program.

Our Outpatient Program Includes:

  • A comprehensive clinical assessment
  • Individual and group counseling sessions
  • Family support group and programming
  • Holistic services and activities to include Meditation, Sound and Breathwork
  • Relevant topics consistent with Motivational enhancement and Cognitive Behavioral approaches


To learn more about our Outpatient Program, please call 704.968.9046.