Breathwork can have profound impacts on recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Best of all, results are instant and experienced the first time they are practiced.  It is simple, but not easy and involves a two-stage breath technique that tricks the mind into shutting off for a few minutes by giving it something else to keep busy with.  Once the brain quiets down we become connected to our innermost selves and old pain and trauma gently comes to the surface to heal, resulting in peace, safety, and a lack of fear that has often been missing for a long time.

People recovering from drug and alcohol addiction quickly begin to forgive themselves and are able to love who they are again after using breathwork.  Many have profound spiritual experiences that last a lifetime and put sobriety in perspective.  An added benefit of breathwork for alcoholics and addicts is that it begins to work very quickly.  Focus and attention span are typically lacking after years of abusing drugs and alcohol, but only a genuine effort for a very short period of time begins producing real results with breathwork.

Breathwork makes many people feel as though they are in an altered state, with the primary differences between it and substances being that it doesn't ruin your life.  By following a simple process the mind moves from feeling disjointed and cluttered to feeling whole.  Resentment, fear, guilt, and shame are replaced with love and gratitude.  Having no belief in its effect is necessary, just a willingness to try it for a few short minutes.  Most people attempting breathwork for help with addiction recovery find a profound and lasting impact from this very simple activity.