Neurofeedback increases the rate of recovery from addiction and when coupled with other recovery methods helps people finally break away from a life of drugs and alcohol.  Neurofeedback makes the brain more open and adaptable to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  We use the best techniques and technology to find where in the Central Nervous System someone is experiencing difficulty and increase the rate of recovery.  

Physiological Nature of Addiction

Drug & alcohol addiction is a mental health disorder that hinders your brain from properly functioning, making recovery a psychological battle that is also physical. Overcoming emotions is one of the largest hardships patients experience in alcohol and drug rehab. Typical 30-day inpatient treatments have high rates of relapse because they fail to address the guilt, shame, remorse, and other feelings created from years of addiction to drugs and alcohol.  To make the addiction treatment process easier, Choices For Recovery uses neurofeedback techniques that help train your brain to stay calm, relaxed, and focused during stressful situations.

Brain patterns that are dysfunctional contribute to continuing addiction and relapse.  A map of the brain is created that shows the areas which are malfunctioning, which means they are over or under aroused and connected.  Over time the neurons used most in addiction grow, furthering bad habits, while healthy neuron pathways fade.  < An electroencephalography machine (EEG) is used to determine the areas of the brain that are not working correctly as the result of drugs and alcohol. From there, we are able to target those regions and send responses from the EEG that trains the brain to be more adaptable in those areas. This allows patients to adjust to their current situation with more confidence and focus.  During the process poor behaviors are replaced with healthy choices.  Triggers become more apparent, clear, and less of an obstacle to overcome.  In time the vicious cycle of addiction is broken with the help of neurofeedback and a healthy, happy life results.