Andrew Blarcom practices Sound Therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina
Andrew Blarcom: Sound Therapy

I was first introduced to the healing power of meditation and especially the use of sound vibration in healing in 2007. I was studying Yoga with my mentor Mohit Singh and he was a strong believer in the benefits of both modalities. He would say "One must not just read about vibrational healing but truly experience it". The following year I picked up my first Didgeridoo and quickly immersed myself in the mastery of the instrument. I have learned first hand the true healing properties of vibration and its ability to facilitate a meditative state.

With the didgeridoo came my passion for another meditative vibrational tool. In my sessions I use Tibetan signing bowls to accompany the ancient sounds of the didge. The sublime tones and energy they give off compliment the didgeridoo and bring listeners to a deeper state of meditation. Most of my bowls are over 100 years old with some as old as 300 years.

I currently belong to the group "Tribal Xing". We are a group of four who play and lead meditative "sound journeys" for Yoga and general events. The group is a mix of traditional Native American drumming and chanting, Didgeridoo, and singing bowls. We have performed countless journeys throughout Charlotte. It is a gift to be able to help others.

Being in active recovery from addiction, I use my experience, strength and hope in all my sound sessions. I am truly grateful and blessed to lead these sound journeys and It is my desire to help others benefit from this type of healing. I stand by the belief that love and selfless service to another is the basis for a happy life.