Family Program

The Family Program is included free of charge in the Intensive Outpatient, Relapse Prevention, and Aftercare programs offered for addiction treatment by Choices For Recovery.  Our family program is on Wednesday evenings from 6 pm - 8 pm.

The loved ones of those afflicted with addiction are often affected worse than the user.  Addiction is a family disease and creates a lot off issues that need more help than the sobriety of one person.  Our Family Program gives those affected the education, experience, and hope they need to be a positive influence on the recovery of a loved one from drugs or alcohol.  An added benefit is learning to deal with our own thoughts and feelings brought about by the insidious disease of addiction.

Group family therapy allows sharing of successes and issues with others who understand how devasting addiction is to a family and can offer hope of better times ahead.  Professional input and guidance assures the discussion is productive and helpful to all.  

More info on details and times coming soon.