Grateful Recovering

It is the time of year when many express their gratitude. This expression of gratitude had meaning and value for the founder of Choices for Recovery. Hollis Crittenden encouraged others through his story to practice gratitude. His story was marked with experiences that fueled a spirit of gratitude. Hollis recognized how helpful an expression of gratitude could be to an individual seeking recovery so with every opportunity he expressed how grateful he was to have an opportunity to carry the message of recovery.

Gratitude is woven in the story of recovery. Individuals seeking recovery are often mired in pain and struggles. These very struggles with an awakened spirit can become their gratitude- for without the struggle would there be a gift of recovery?   

Express your gratitude this season. This intentional way of being is an incredibly powerful tool for increasing happiness and joy in one’s life. There’s evidence to support that expression of gratitude, a focus on the positive, can be one of the most helpful recovery tools.

Get to expressing your gratitude. Be grateful for the gift of recovery.