Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is the primary form of addiction treatment used by Choices For Recovery.  Each addiction treatment plan begins with an assesment to determine the level of care needed.  We can recommend and place people in detox or inpatient services who require it, but for the majority of people suffering from drug and alcohol addcition, IOP is the best course of action.  

During this program the patient learns about the nature of his disease from the perspectives of mind, body, and spirit.  Because recovering from drugs and alcohol is significantly harder alone, the central treatment is 9 hours of group clinical sessions spread over three days per week.  IOP typically lasts 8 weeks before moving to Relapse Prevention, but that can vary based on the individual.

Choices For Recovery differs from other addiction treatment centers in the free services that are provided but not required during our Intensive Outpatient Program. Family Programming is offered at no charge weekly.  Four holistic healing services are offered each week as well on a rotating basis - all at no extra expense.  Each person going through IOP receives 8 individual counseling sessions to use when he/she sees fit at any point during their treatment.  Additional individual counseling sessions are available.  This allows spacing out one-on-one attention to the extent necessary, either using more at a point when things aren't easy or spacing them out every couple weeks to cover the entire time with Choices For Recovery.