Outpatient Program

Our Outpatient Program lasts 8 weeks and is the 2nd phase of addiction treatment, typically following the 8 week Intensive Outpatient Program, (IOP)  Once an individual is successful in staying away from drugs and alcohol for a period of time, the need for personal accountability in addiction recovery increases and people need more freedom to live while still having accountability for their thoughts and actions related to drugs and alcohol.  This stage of drug and alcohol rehab eases the individual into less oversight but with enough accountability and schedule to keep him or her on the path to recovery.  

Alcoholics and addicts can struggle after the first couple months of staying clean and sober.  The 'shine' of new sobriety wears off and we are forced to face some of the reality created during using and drinking.  This portion of alcohol and drug rehab keeps people continually accountable and provides an opportunity to learn and grow with others recovering from addiction who are going through the same things. 


Most people struggling with addiction will begin with Intensive Outpatient services, but each case is unique and the initial assessment determines the best fit for each person.  Sometimes beginning with Outpatient Program is the best option.  

Weekly Treatment Schedule

Relapse prevention moves from 3 days each week to 2 days of clinical services with 2 sessions of an hour per half on the individual's choices of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Some people choose to keep some of the 8 individual sessions included in the IOP program to use during this period, but additional individual sessions are available during the remainder of treatment with Choices For Recovery.  The other addiction treatment services are still free, including family programming and 4 holistic services available each week on Tuesday and Thursday.  

Addiction Treatment Included Each Week

  • 2 group clinical sessions of 1.5 hours (Mon/Wed/Fri options)
  • 4 holistic healing services offerings (Tues/Thur)
  • Family programming
  • Individual sessions (8 sessions during entire course of treatment, additional sessions available)